Saturday, July 22, 2006

Vitamin A Deficiency Linked To Major Intestinal Surgery

It appears those of us who have had major abdominal surgery may have a time bomb inside us, leading to possible blindness, as many as 35 years later.

ScienceDaily: Vitamin A Deficiency Linked To Major Intestinal Surgery:

"All three patients, who were all over the age of 65, had had extensive intestinal surgery between 20 and 35 years earlier.

The operations included intestinal bypass, surgical removal of diseased tissue as a result of inflammatory bowel disease, and gallbladder removal.

All the patients were diagnosed with vitamin A deficiency, and this was in spite of them having taken vitamin supplements."

The article goes on to mention that night blindness is one of the most common symptoms of vitamin A deficiency! Many of us that ignore this symptom and have had significant abdominal surgery (ever) should look into their status regarding this lipid-soluable substance.

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