Monday, May 07, 2007

As Monthy Python said:

I hope this ("I am a dead man.") can help some here find a chuckle. (Hint: The Onion is a satire publication.)

I'm not really dead, just have not posted here in quite a while, due to uncontrollable circumstances keeping me from medical care for a number of months.

Or, as the Monty Python skit said:

"I'm not dead yet!"

Hmmm.... Then again,wasn't that followed by people saying "Well, he will be soon. He's very ill." and "You'll be stone dead in a moment?" Perhaps not the cheeriest of movies to reference...


Becca said...

figured i'd randomly comment on one of your entries in order to reply to you...
thanks for the comments.
(and yes, i have a kock pouch, or bascially, a continent ileostomy)
it's a fascinating thing really. i'm quite proud of my new $90,000 plumbing.

and yes, most the time i say "colorectal cancer" but i remember how irate i became when i saw all the tabloid stories about farrah fawcet and her ANAL cancer. So i then began referring to it as Ass Cancer.

anywho, nice to meet ya.

well said...

Ditto, Becca, and Welcome!

(Have fun in Amsterdam too! Bring back some, er, memories for me too, heh.)